Express facial (30 min) – 45

Consult with our Master Aesthetician and try our medical grade skin care line ZO Skin Health. 

Beautiful you (60 min) -75

Unwind with a detoxifying and relaxing facial. Using Medical grade skin care and massaging your stresses away, this facial leaves you glowing and tranquil. 

Beautiful you Deluxe (90 min) – 199

Our Master Aesthetician will do a consultation to put together a custom facial, whether it be for anti-aging, acne, or pigmentation. Exfoliation (Dermaplane or Microdermabrasion), relaxing massage, custom soothing mask, LED light therapy, and Oxygen therapy all included with product all included.


Express Hydrodermabrasion (30 min) – 99

Consult with our Master Aesthetician and decongest your pores with our Hydrodermabrasion and leave with that ZO Glow.

Bella TU Hydrodermabrasion (60 min) – 175

Our Hydrodermabrasion with Dermaplane, a light stimulator peel with extractions, a soothing mask, and LED light therapy is sure to have you leaving refreshed and glowing!

Bella TU Deluxe Hydrodermabrasion (90 min) – 275

Treat yourself and divulge into our deluxe hydrodermabrasion treatment, where progress and relaxation collide! You will get a customized facial, decongest your pores with hydrodermabrasion and extractions not only on the face but your neck as well. Detox with a lymphatic drainage. Enjoy a relaxing massage, soothing mask, LED light therapy, sealed with a customized oxygen therapy! 

Chemical Peels

Stimulator peel– 99 or a package of 4 for 350

A Lactic, citric and glycolic acid peel that targets texture, even skin tone, lightens pigmentation with little to no downtime. 1 peel once a week for a month is ideal

Advanced stimulator peel– 175

A stimulator peel with a layer of intensive night renewal for a bit deeper of exfoliation. This peel can cause some slight peeling.

VI Peel-295 or 250 with purchase of Glowtox or package of 3

Custom peel that will contain TCA. 7-10 down time of peeling. Targets fine lines, wrinkles, deeper pigmentation, texture, melasma, Acne and scarring.

(All peels will get be more predictable when skin has been pre-treated with retinol 4-6 weeks before treatment)

Additional treatments

Accelorator– 75

Enhance treatment with oxygen therapy and custom ZO skinhealth accelorator.

Back treatment- 105

You know, a facial but on your back!

Blemish spot treatment– 10

This is If you have an event or are just wanting to get rid of that pimple quick. 

Deluxe scalp treatment- 650

  Deep clean the scalp, infuse with hair serum and receive 3 months of our Nutrafol supplements

Facetime consultaion

Get a free skin consultation and get 15% off skin care

IV’s– 99-160

Get any of our IV’s while receiving a facial

High frequency- 15

Reduce a breakout, stimulate hair follicles, or push skin care products deeper into the skin for optimal treatment

Infrared body treatment– 55

Detox and slim your body with our infrared body treatment

Hot stones– 15

Add a hot stone massage to any treatment

LED Light Therapy– 25

Dermaplane– 40

Removal of vellous hair and dead skin cells. Making your skin nice and smooth, as well as helping your product being able to penetrate the skin better.

Thermoclear– 150

Removal of cherry angiomas, sun spots, skin tags, keratosis and more





Full legs- 85

Half legs- 45

Nose- 15

Full face- 45

Lash lift- 30

Lash tint- 25

Lash lift and tint- 55

PRP– Platelet rich plasma- 550

This treatment is where we use the patient’s own blood cells to accelerate healing in a specific area. This can be add-on on to our Opus Plasma to enhance results